About Us


I have been a student and self employed artist my entire life as well as a student of energy, consciousness and self transformation. I am a Reike 3 Master, have studied sacred geometry, archetypal dream-work, Biogeometry and many variations of breath-work.  I am a certified SOMA breath-work instructor. 

My interest in transformation has also led me to the teachings of the Gnostic Gospels, and especially the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, which has revealed an intuitive path and awareness that I feel has always been present. 

My work as an artist and a breath-work instructor has always been to re-awaken to my core archetypal childlike self and to find balance, growth, purpose and the expansive experience of love.  

I recently saw a t shirt with a picture of the planet that read- I am here for the Karma- which made me laugh and felt true. 

But- I would also have to add and for the beaches! I have never met a beach i didn't want to be at as much as possible!

Take me to the water !